What I read today: Aug. 24, 2012

Grimes, “Genesis” (NSFW)

I’m trying out a new feature on Ye Olde Blogge wherein I’ll document my daily Internet consumption habits and occasionally comment on what I’ve read. Like Instapaper, only with more K-pop videos. Ideally I’ll discipline myself to keep this up every day, but you know how these things go — mice, men, etc. This is mostly for my own edification; hopefully in a year I’ll be able to look back and say, “Ohh, that’s what I spent all my time doing.”

Meat and potatoes:
Several People Shot, One Fatally, Outside Empire State Building
Gangnam Style, Dissected: The Subversive Message Within South Korea’s Music Video Sensation
Why Do So Many Pretty Female Comedians Pretend They’re Ugly?

Normal Guy Pretends To Be Celebrity In Times Square, Everyone Falls For It
35 Reasons Why Aaron Paul Should Be Your Favorite Actor On Television
David Pogue, ‘New York Times’ Technology Writer, Plans Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal
Romney Condoms ‘Great For Any Position’; Obama Rubbers Won’t Break ‘As Easily As His Promises’
Kyle Kinane, the death of the party, comes to D.C. (saw him last night; the man is just ungodly funny)

Happy Friday!

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