Some things I read this week

Shopping in Paris: Not that great!
Shopping in Paris: Not that great! (zoetnet/Flickr)

I’m experimenting with rounding up all the best things I’ve read each week. I tried to do this more than a year ago, but this time I hope to do at least two weeks in a row. We’ll see how it goes!

Barry, My Homeless Neighbor, Rest in Peace: “We are one of the smartest and wealthiest cities on the planet, and it’s maddening to see the city continuously fail to help those in need.”

On the hardest computer game of all time: “The world it presented was like being exposed to Plato’s forms, a secret, nonphysical realm of pure ideas and logic. The challenge of the game—and it was one serious challenge—was to understand that other world.”

Why the mantra “Do What You Love” is bullshit: “Nothing makes exploitation go down easier than convincing workers that they are doing what they love.”

The problem with shopping in Paris: “France, fundamentally, is not a country where the customer is always right. It’s not very interested in customer satisfaction. What it’s interested in are satisfied workers.”

It Happened to Me: I Saw a White Girl on My Train: “That’s when her cerulean orbs fell on my ugly, unremarkable, dirt colored ones. I knew that they were full of fear. What should I do? Should I reach out and say: ‘I know plenty of white girls! Don’t be scared!’ I wracked my brain to think of some Seinfeld quips or my favorite Tina Fey moments, but I came up empty.”

How to Tell If You’re in a Hemingway Novel: “You are alone at sea. How you hate the sea, but how you respect the fish inside of it. How you hate the kelp. How indifferent you are to the coral.”

How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username: “Sounds like I was dealing with a wannabe Kevin Mitnick—it’s as though companies have yet to learn from Mitnick’s exploits circa 1995.”

Media Reporting’s Blind Spot: “Media reporting today is, for better or for worse, inextricable from technology reporting. Tech — the internet, CMSes, distribution and production — is not just a factor for media companies, but an overwhelming context.”

Undercover at the U.N. Lounge: “‘You haven’t really done it, until you’ve done it in the Security Council chamber behind China,’ boasted one Dane to a visitor, making a thumbs-up motion.”

Song of the week: Bing-a-bong-a-bong-a-bong-Burbank
Shade of the week: “Macklemore is the rap game Upworthy.”
Comic of the week: Deep Dark Fears
Quiz of the week: Which BuzzFeed Quiz Are You? (I’m “Which Twin Peaks Character Are You?”)
Videos of the week: The Wolf of Wall Street vs. Blank Check and Felix Baumgartner’s full view from the stratosphere
GIF of the week: As a white girl, Tina Fey just gets me. (source)

Happy Friday! I’m pumped to be seeing these guys tonight.

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