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Your perennial intern forges on at NPR

NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C. – aka my home for the next four months.

I’m thrilled to tell you, dear reader, that starting Sept. 10 I will be interning with NPR’s Washington desk. During the four-month internship I’ll mostly be helping out NPR reporters with the Washington desk and (which led me to audibly squeal with excitement) the 2012 presidential election team. I’ll do background research, conduct and transcribe interviews, and try to weasel in a byline or two by the end of my time there. I could not be more pumped to start.

After a serendipitous series of events, I went in for an interview last Friday and met with Ron Elving, NPR’s Washington editor. He told me he worked in the Milwaukee Journal’s Madison bureau 27 years before my own internship with the Journal-Sentinel. After he offered me the position, he introduced me to the managing editor and assistant managing editor.

“This is pure favoritism!” the AME cried in mock disgust.

“It’s not favoritism … it’s something next to favoritism,” Elving said with a grin.

I’m not complaining. Thanks for reading, more soon.