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History Says, Debate Moments Matter (10/3/12)
What Else Could $6 Billion Buy?
Turkey Grower Calls Pardon of Cobbler (Or Is It Gobbler?) ‘An Honor’
Boehner Names Rep. Candice Miller Chairwoman Of House Administration Committee
Celebrities And The Senate: Would Ashley Judd Stand A Chance?

Chronicle of Higher Education clips:

5 minutes with the student journalist who dug up the background of a $1-million donor (1/22/12) *
Despite budget problems, states continue working on college readiness
White House reassures independent colleges that they will be consulted on affordability policy (1/31/12)
Stanford campaign brings in $6.2-billion, a record for higher education (2/8/12)
Firing of workers who failed to provide documents divides Pomona College (2/12/12) *
President proposes modest gains for arts, humanities endowments (2/13/12)
New Census data show minority gains in bachelor’s degree attainment (2/23/12)
From snobs to ‘pointy-headed college professors’ to ‘eggheads’ (2/28/12)
Students protest doubling of loan interest rates and ask Congress for relief (3/13/12)
Senate bill would create online accounts to track students’ progress and help them save for college
(3/15/12) *
Obama campaign looks to re-energize disenchanted young voters (4/1/12) *
‘I was running because I’m an Aggie’ (4/1/12) *
Earmarks for research, including university projects, total $44-million in 2012, group says (4/17/12)
Senate bill would bar colleges from using federal student aid for marketing (4/18/12)
Wealthier families benefit more under Obama’s tuition tax-credit program, report says (4/19/12)
Education Dept. proposes reforms in vocational-education programs (4/19/12)
Obama and Duncan begin push to avoid doubling of student-loan interest rate (4/20/12)
Senate Democrats prepare legislation that would block increase in student-loan interest rate (4/24/12)
President and parties focus on proposals to keep student-loan interest low (4/25/12)
Penn State alumni elect strong critic of trustees to university’s board (5/4/12)
Criminologist joins Penn State to ensure openness about crime (5/6/12)
Academics still shell out for Obama, but times have changed (6/18/12) *

* Indicates stories behind a paywall.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel clips:

Judge issues findings in collective bargaining case (5/26/11)
Tent city scheduled to open on Saturday
Feingold leads Capitol protest; tent city erected (6/6/11)
Protest organizers disavow Special Olympics demonstration (6/9/11)
Madison protesters have yet to pay fines (6/11/11)
Expense of fake Democrats in primaries will top $400,000
Search begins for UW-Madison interim chancellor
Protesters lock themselves to Capitol railing
Bill exempts researchers from animal cruelty cases (6/21/11)
Man arrested for battery in Capitol altercation
‘Straw’ gun buyers could face tougher penalties
Appointments, not elections, proposed for justices (7/2/11)
Police investigating Madison brothers’ deaths as homicides (7/6/11)
Donors to Walker’s campaign exceeded limit, group says (7/6/11)
Walker plans ahead in case U.S. fails to resolve debt crisis (7/15/11)
Walker to sign bill that repeals early prisoner release (7/18/11)
Wisconsin safe for at least three months after federal default, memo says (7/25/11)
Capitol protest turns a bit bloody (7/25/11)
State employee arrested, put on paid leave after balloon incident (7/28/11)
Justice Department to distribute cards of dead, missing to inmates in hopes of generating new leads (7/28/11)
State puts brakes on plan to close DMV sites (8/4/11)
Having Democratic opponent is new to Olsen (8/6/11)
State debuts YoungStar rating system for child care (8/5/11)
Money still flows in North Woods state Senate race (8/11/11)
Wisconsin State Fair attendance tops 900,000 (8/15/11)
PolitiFact piece on Wisconsin Club for Growth claim (8/29/11)